End users and everybody interested in reliable solutions for device integration including device manufacturer and system vendor staff.


Device manufacturer searching for cost efficient deivce integration or for support in the development of tailored solutions.

Interoperability Partner

System or tool vendors with the wish to offer a generic integration solution as part of their existing solutions.



Major technologies used for device integration in the process industry. You may combine aspects from different tabs of the solution finder in order to find the best match!







Communication protocols mainly used in the process industry. Please choose from the list below. You may combine aspects from different tabs of the solution finder in order to find the best match!









The CodeWrights product offering addresses different problem fields. Please select from the list below. You may combine aspects from different tabs of the solution finder in order to find the best match!


Device Integration


Technical support



CodeWrights services help to create tailored solutions. Please select from the list below. You may combine aspects from different tabs of the solution finder in order to find the best match!


Certification / Registration


Interoperability services

New development


Training & Advisory

Working at CodeWrights

means to contribute to the development,marketing or sales of “software for the process industry”. This reflects different tasks: being software developer within a product or project team, being tester in the quality team or being part of fincance, sales, product management or marketing.


Software for process industry? What does that mean? It´s quite simple: There are different process industry sites which for example refine fuel out of oil or plastics out of granulate – all these need measurement devices to monitor and operate their processes. This can be: devices to measure fluid level in a tank, rate of flow in a pipe, temperature of materials in use and more. To do so the measurement devices are equipped with software. Some device manufacturers develop this software inhouse- for others this is what we do.


40 Employees | 15+ years of experience | 7 memberships | 50+ partners | 3000+ device types successfully integrated. CodeWrights was founded 2002 by Endress+Hauser and Pepperl+Fuchs. Many of our customers work with us for years. This is an important basis for a succesful establishment in the market.


We are are mixed team of men and women, employees and working students, different disciplines (software engineers, electrical engineers, graduates of business administration, computer scientists,…) with different fields of interests.

Our polar star

Our polar star is our vision we align our daily work to. Our vision: In a networked world of things CodeWrights connects technologies and links data to information - for the human. Our seminal software solutions represent us: open, clever and reliable.

Colleague = human being

The focus is on people. Respect personal situation, align working environment as possible.


Access to data and functions of objects. Provision of solutions for simplification. Additional value by expertise, clear focus.


Equal and without fear. Giving feedback, over all levels. Open to mistakes. Listen actively, understand, discuss.


Identify potentials, develop, use. Provide and accept knowledge. Be curious.


Realistic self-evaluation. Act comprehensibly and brave. React in time and communicate. Do the important.


Create workspace with tolerance. Develop personalty. Together, trustful and protected. Practice makes perfect.

For You

Our employees enjoy working here - that's our target. This is possible if some aspects fit together. How we achieve this? With our "For You" program.

For you! What does it mean? It means we want to create a comfortable daily work atmosphere. Doing this we provide beverages, fruit and cereals. Okay, some portions of sugar are covered too. For lunch there are different options close-by such as a cantine and offerings at the main station. Being located there is quite convenient for commuting by public transport. Flexible work time and options for home office support you in organizing your work time. If you are interested in socializing with colleagues you are welcome to do so participating at events (company year kick-off, summer party). You are a sportive person? Be part of our CodeWrights running team and run for us at run events wearing the provided shirt. Sounds good? Perfect!

Who we are

We are a mixed team of experts and working students, with different backgrounds and interests. From leisure musicians, over hobby photographers, to sport enthusiasts is everything represented. Everyone is important and shall feel comfortable. See for yourself and get to know us!

Irem Köker

Software Developer

2013 I went to the bonding exhibition in Karlsruhe, where I saw the CodeWrights booth and got interested in the company. Shortly after the talk at the booth, I got invited to a personal interview, which gave me a deeper insight into the company’s branch and task field. During my induction, my colleagues helped me a lot when I had questions or technical problems. I worked until maternity leave 2016 and started 2017 after my parental leave at a new team. Especially my team leader’s distribution plans, which considered my situation, helped me at the induction. By working for CodeWrights I especially appreciate the high flexibility in working time management, good cooperation between colleagues and the offer of a running group.

Andreas Ernst

Senior Software Developer

2010 I came within my studies through an internship to CodeWrights. Until today I still enjoy to develop new products by using latest technologies and expand my learning. Added to the work advantages there are many more benefits. It begins with a shower room, because of which I can combine my work way with a sporting activity, and it ends at great events for the entire company.