End users and everybody interested in reliable solutions for device integration including device manufacturer and system vendor staff.


Device manufacturer searching for cost efficient deivce integration or for support in the development of tailored solutions.

Interoperability Partner

System or tool vendors with the wish to offer a generic integration solution as part of their existing solutions.



Communication protocols mainly used in the process industry. Please choose from the list below. You may combine aspects from different tabs of the solution finder in order to find the best match!







Does your company provide field devices to customers within the process industry?
Does your customer require a DTM for the delivered field device?

Your focus is on devices, not on DTM development? Then we are right on the mark.

Using iDTM-FDI (Custom) as development component

  • You deliver YOUR DTM to your customer, using your Corporate Identity.
  • You focus can stay with device development. CodeWrights takes care of the FDT technology and DTM development.
  • Technological development is no longer a factor of uncertainty. You can focus on development of FDI Device Packages. With iDTM-FDI (Custom) the option of working with DTMs remains unchanged.
  • You save costs. While your device refinement is ongoing the DTM base is updated by CodeWrights as well. Ready for future DTM updates.
  • Integration of devices into varying FDT systems becomes easier. CodeWrights knows about the different FDT systems as they are available in the inhouse laboratory. There we we ensure interoperability of iDTM-FDI (Custom) with the available systems.
  • You can save time. Suppositionally your FDI Device Package is already registered with the FieldCommGroup, the final DTM can be fully used even faster.


How it works


Additional Services

  • Development of FDI Device Package based on the EDD
  • UIP development for FDI Device Packages

Supported protocols
Wireless HART, Profinet, HART, Profibus


  • supports FDT1.2 and FDT2
  • UIP Support including Direct Access
  • HTML5  UIP support
  • Online/Offline Configuration
  • Up-/Download
  • Multilanguage

Technology background

FDI is the new, standardized integration standard. The number of available FDI Device Packages representing field devices is rising. So du the nubmer of sytems and application  supporting FDI. At the same time there are FDT based systems in use. User of FDT technology want to continue using their systems independent of new technologies. So they would aim to use FDI in their FDT based frame applications. This is what iDTM-FDI (Custom) does.

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