End users and everybody interested in reliable solutions for device integration including device manufacturer and system vendor staff.


Device manufacturer searching for cost efficient deivce integration or for support in the development of tailored solutions.

Interoperability Partner

System or tool vendors with the wish to offer a generic integration solution as part of their existing solutions.



Communication protocols mainly used in the process industry. Please choose from the list below. You may combine aspects from different tabs of the solution finder in order to find the best match!







What should I do to use iDTM-FDI in my FDT frame application?

  • Sign-on with your user credentials on (all user account types are permitted)
  • Download the lastest version of the iDTM-FDI installers free of charge (Try out & Shop).
  • All device types already activated for iDTM-FDI (including all FDI Device Packages representing this device type) can be found following the menü iDTM-FDI > Device Type Library. This activation is performed by the device manufacturer. Please talk to the device manufacturer if the required device type is not listed yet you would like to use.
  • Download the latest Device Type Library Lizenz (license.idtml, link available on page Device Type Library)

Your Computer:

  • Unpack the *.zip to your hard disk and perform the setup.
  • Launch the iDTM-Manager via the start menu or the desktop icon.
  • Drag & Drop the license.idtml file onto the iDTM-Manager (or use the respective button Import Device Type Library License). The import wizzard is started automatically.
  • Drag & Drop the *.fdix FDI Device Packages onto the iDTM-Manager (or use the respective button Import Packages). The import wizzard is started automatically.
  • Entries marked with a padlock have not been activated for iDTM-FDI by the device manufacturer yet. In those cases a WildCard license can be used free of charge to be able to use the FDI Device Package for a single device type temporarily.
    • Hover over the device picture
    • Click the checkmark, to activate Wildcard (assigned Wildcard indicated with star icon)
  • Launch the FDT frame application of your choice and update the device catalog.
  • Entries marked with the iDTM icon are made available by iDTM-FDI and can be used as regular device DTMs.

I am device manufacturer with a Publisher account. What should I do to activate a device for iDTM-FDI?

  • Sign-on with your user credentials on (confirmed Publisher account is required).
  • Chose from the menu below your user name the entry my iDTM-FDI. Already activated device types are listed (Your licenses), purchased device type licenses are visible (Your devices) and available iDTM-FDI reports (Your reports) are available for download.
  • You require device type licences for activation. These can be purchased via Try out & Shop (single license, packages or the portfolio license with unlimited device type licenses). For a single Device Type ID a device type lincense is required.
  • After filling up the device type licenses single device types or a list of device types (by using the *.csv import) can be activated under Your devices.
  • Directly after successful activation of the device type, it is contained in the Device Type Library Lizenz and everybody is then able to use FDI Device Packages of this device type in iDTM-FDI. Forever.

For further questions please visit the Support section.