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by Stefanie Schindler on 5. August 2020 in Product News

Thanks to our customer for a great ONLINE workshop!

Home office works just fine. We have practiced and improved that in the past few months. But what about workshops – they live from interaction and face-to-face collaboration, don’t they?

Since market requirements do not wait until customer appointments are possible under completely normal circumstances, the decision was made to conduct an online workshop via Microsoft Teams.

At the beginning there was a title: Process Device Integration Strategy Workshop

The CodeWrights procedure “Listen-Comprehend-Decide-Action” was simply adapted to the current requirements and then implemented exactly like this.

Experts from CodeWrights and the customer from various positions took part in the workshop, which was spread over 2 half days, both with a deeper technical background and from a project perspective.

At the beginning, a common goal was defined. During the workshop, moderation ensured that the discussions and discussions were held at a common level and that a common understanding was developed.

The various questions on technologies and their stands were discussed with question and answer sessions, open discussions and explanations. Possible migration strategies with advantages and disadvantages were derived from this.

All with the goal of giving the customer the best possible basis for making the right strategic decisions for the portfolio.

Two exciting challenging meeting days – Using the Web camera ensured a personal touch!

Thanks to our customer for a great online workshop!

Workshops online? No Problem!

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