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by Alexander Kaiser on 13. April 2018 in Product News

The search is over: 1.400+ certified DTMs with a single setup.

Probably everybody working on an automated plant in the process industry and being responsible for the instrumentation part of the story knows this situation: There is at least one device you have to configure, troubleshoot or to monitor right now but the device driver not available, can not be found on the device manufacturer’s website, is too old, seems to be too new or cannot be used with your favorite device management tool. In some situations you even have to purchase licenses for specific device managament tools or for the drivers themselves.


But luckily CodeWrights recognized this issue and created a solution. Reliable and at a low price!


The iDTM-EDD End User Edition (iDTM-EDD EU) has been created to provide more than 1.400 device specific DTMs in a single product (HART protocol and another 700 on FOUNDATION Fieldbus). And the best thing: all of them are FDT Certified! But what does this mean? Technically iDTM-EDD “knows” all these device types, their specific parameters and their diagnosis information from EDDs that have been integrated into iDTM-EDD. Twice a year the FieldComm Group (FCG) releases an official library of all EDDs being registered with the FCG. Registration means that the EDDs from the device manufacturers have been tested if they are conformant with the specifications and will work fine on site. This reliable EDD bundle is what CodeWrights directly packages with iDTM-EDD, a reliable and certified FDT solution. In combination iDTM-EDD is therefore a proven, reliable and certified FDT based devfice management solution with the specific knowledge of more than 2.000 device types. Great, or?


So whatever device you are using. The chance is very high that the specific driver is available with iDTM-EDD (EU). There is no need to purchase PDM to manage a Siemens device any more, no need to purchase AMS for Rosemount devices. Simply use iDTM-EDD (EU) with the free of charge CodeWrights PACTware Bundle and you are good to go.


Download your trial copy or purchase your license today:
CodeWrights PACTware Bundle


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